Strategic Marketing, Communications & Design

Marketing & Design

Whether you are part of a large organization with existing brand guidelines, or you are a small firm ready to standardize your brand, we can create the internal templates and tools you need. We will listen to your ideas and then collaborate to create a visual style that complements your content and the appropriate communication channels.

  • Web Site Design;
  • Logo Design/Branding;
  • Illustration;
  • Brochures;
  • Posters;
  • Banners;
  • Print Advertisements;
  • Templates;
  • Photography and Video.

If you're interested in seeing a porfolio of print and web design, please contact us for private access.

Web Site Design

The Perceive design team can handle all of your web needs, from concept to execution. We are experienced in developing both static and dynamic sites. On the static side, we can handle full HTML/XML markup and standards compliant CSS.

On the dynamic side, we have experience in both the Microsoft and Open Source worlds, and can make appropriate suggestions based upon business needs. Our past open source work includes PHP driven MySQL backed sites with full array of calendars, dynamic promotional rail content, and regular programmatic updates. We can integrate open source content management (Droopal, Wordpress) systems or create custom code. The Microsoft-centric work include .Net driven and Microsoft SQL backed extranets with heavy emphasis on business reporting tools, and financial mainframe replication for up-to-the-minute business portals. We have used Ektron content management system for backed public sites, and Microsoft Sharepoint backed intranets.

  • Static and Dynamic Web Development;
  • CSS;
  • PHP/MySQL;
  • SQL;
  • Microsoft Sharepoint;
  • Content Management;
  • Intranet/Extranet;
  • Flash;
  • Video Integration.

Photography and Videography

We are happy to work with you to determine what type of photography or videography best suits your goals. From casual hand held camera work, to a more formal composition, we will work within your budget. Once the video project is complete, we can help you deploy it either internally or externally. Our social media team will also collaborate to determine how to maximize your reach.

  • HD video;
  • High resolution photos;
  • Gallery build/design;
  • Intranet/Web deployment.